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 FREE COOKIES HQ 24/7 server rules

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PostSubject: FREE COOKIES HQ 24/7 server rules   Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:28 am

FREE COOKIES HQ 24/7 server rules:
You all probably know the rules, but I will repeat them one more time, because sometimes people tend to forget them Razz.

1st Rule: Do not hack! Permanent ban for this.
2nd Rule: Speak in English at all times! You may receive warning or two after speaking, not in English. If you still speak not in English after the warning, you will be kicked.
3rd Rule: There are no other rules and there will never be any more rules Smile

You think we should add some more rules? Please check the third rule Smile
Also, if the server is full, we may use zero-tolerance politic, this means that if you speak not in English you may get kicked without a warning.

So have fun and good luck! Wink

Join the server: \connect

Steam ID: Fugslidy
Official Steam Group: 3Cookies
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FREE COOKIES HQ 24/7 server rules
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